At Bartr Technologies, we’re creating a standardised, decentralised value layer that brings together global telecoms, called the Bartr Protocol.

The Bartr Protocol introduces a unit of account and exchange that provides real-time settlement and granularity of data capture and insight securely and anonymously.

Instant Settlement

Reducing payment cycles from months to minutes


Maximising existing network resource utilisation

Valuable Analysis

Granular data capture and insights


Anti-fragile architecture

The way the world connects

Thousands of networks need to connect every day to route billions of calls, SMS and data transmissions flowing to keep the world connected. The way these connections are managed has changed very little for decades.

The problem the global telecoms industry can’t ignore

The demand for reliable, efficient and affordable connectivity, anytime and anywhere, has never been greater. 

The way that telecom networks and businesses manage and account for valuable transactions between and across networks hasn’t changed for 30 years.  It is inefficient and ill-equipped to deal with this rapid increase in demand and data volumes in a world of the Internet of Things, Smartphones, VoIP, Cloud Computing and an exponentially increasing number of connected devices. 

Estimated to be lost by the industry each year due to uncollected revenue, theft and fraud


On average of all telecoms revenue is spent on operation expenses alone

Devices estimated to be connected devices online by 2020


Of the world's population expected to be online by 2020


Instead of 100’s of disparate, siloed and conflicting software systems essentially doing the same thing, Bartr Protocol provides a standardised, unified value layer to act as the anonymised public record of all transactions and transmissions taking place on and between existing global telecom networks.

This enables real-time transactions and settlement using Layr tokens as the unit of valuable account and exchange for the telecoms industry worldwide.

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