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Creating a truly free and decentralized Global Network for everyone.

More than ever, humanity loves to connect. The real and digital economies are merging and fundamentally rely on connectivity to function. Humans do better, together. That’s why at Bartr Group, we are building new and valuable technology solutions that help the next generation of software for Global Networks around the world, deliver a better, faster, more valuable and more affordable connectivity experience.

The Bartr Solution:
Standardised | Efficient | Transparent

Starting with a blank sheet approach, we’re building distributed systems that connect, engage and reward all stakeholders. A fundamental shift towards shared value within networked environments in all sectors, starting with Telecommunications.

Everything we build is designed with the humans it connects and helps first in mind.

The telecom networks are broken.

The telecoms sector has not really changed the way that it operates day to day, technically, financially, or administratively for decades.

These processes are not standardised, automated or transparent.

The market is extremely cash constrained with shallow liquidity, despite there being an estimated 10,000 participants in the market worldwide.

The sector loses an estimated $300 BILLION every year in uncollected revenue, theft and fraud. 

Which is why we have created the Bartr Ecosystem.

The Telecom market is ripe for disruption by “fat protocol” innovations and uniquely suited for a Distributed Ledger Solution.

Bartr Group is launching the Bartr Protocol as a replacement for the multiple layers of outdated business operation and support systems (“B/OSS”) to provide a unified layer of account between network owners and users.

By adopting The Bartr Solution, telecom businesses - operators and users alike - will unlock hundreds of billions of dollars in latent value.

“The Web does not just connect machines, it connects people.”
- Tim Berners Lee, Inventor, World Wide Web

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