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The BartrDAO Ecosystem is being developed as the required evolution for global Telecoms (starting with wholesale markets) and creating a more accessible, robust, transparent, unified and overall fairer global playing field for all Telecom service and network resource owners and users.

BartrDAO is the core of the new way for telecoms, bringing Web3 P2P comms, crypto micro payments, DeFi and liquidity staking to an industry that’s critical to what’s next and that is ripe for disruption.


BartrDAO ownership via Layr.A NFT’s provides exposure to all of the economic, creative, resource, and financial value and income streams and tangible and intangible that live and are born in the BartrDAO ecosystem.

Primary governance stakeholders are telecom infrastructure owners and operators, along with community owned/operated infrastructure hubs for Web3.0 enabled P2P mesh networked telecoms infrastructure.

BartrDAO is the primitive governance entity under which all subordinate DAO and other tokenised community assets and voting will sit.

Each B-DAO token holder will stake and vote on network governance and receive token rewards for staking and network infrastructure management and provision.


Office Headquarters currently under construction in the Metaverse 


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