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Welcome to the Revolution


A Decentralized Operating System to enable a Borderless Global Telecoms Network

An immutable distributed ledger. Device, user and network agnostic. Creating a dual token closed loop marketplace.

Records all routing and settlement transactions worldwide across telecom networks.

It will move global telecommunications from a one-sided market to a multi-sided market. 

The Bartr Protocol creates a standardised, distributed and decentralised value layer that unlocks new and greater value for users and operators alike. A revolutionary paradigm shift for global networks.


Real-time, frictionless digital settlement in native utility token. 

Efficient price discovery and transparent market pricing.


Immutable public ledger Blockchain records of global pricing, payment and routing data.


LAYR tokens as universal, industry-native, smart utility and transaction tokens.

Single digital unit of valuable exchange and account. 

Bartr Protocol is more than just money over IP; it is universal, borderless, secure value over IP.

Bartr implements sector-specific standardisation of both governance rules and valuable unit of account and exchange, bringing unprecedented transparency and massive increases in efficiency to telecommunications markets worldwide.

Instead of hundreds of different currencies being sent between 1,000’s of different companies to settle bills generated by different billing systems, long payment cycles, FX volatility, no ability to monetize personal data.

We use a single, universally accepted unit of valuable account and exchange – Layr Tokens

“The killer app of the internet is networks. We’ve got a million networks built on this thing now.”
- Chris Dixon, Partner, Andreesen Horrowitz/a16z

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