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James Mackenzie
Technical Operations


20 years of working in the sector has endowed James with a Jedi-like domain expertise around all things telecommunications. Whether building teams and businesses for large enterprises, or starting from scratch on his own account, James has a track record of growing revenue, margin, customer books and global coverage in any project he has been a part of. This includes working closely as principal partner, consultant and lead with MVNO’s, Tier One, and Mobile operators around the world with a particular focus on the wholesale telecommunications markets for voice, data and SMS. James has honed an almost unnatural sixth sense for interpreting and then pulling enormous value out of seemingly unintelligible and massive data sets that complex network operations. A telecoms ninja if there every was one. Of the many skills in Jame’s portfolio he brings seasoned business development, sales, technology, operations management, team leadership, product development, customer management. SAAS, BSS, OSS, VAS, Data Analytics, VOIP, SMS, Data, Cloud Services & Telecom Management to bear in building and taking care of the next-generation global data and analytics engines that Bartr Technologies produce. He also heads up the deployment and application of those black box tech wonders to the day-to-day operations of Bartr Connect.


m: +442039847865 / +447520642032

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