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Layr Tokens

The Crypto-Economic Tokens for the Global Meta Network.

Layr.A ($LYR.A) tokens enable fractionalised multi-faceted and multi-functional bridging and linking to telecom infrastructure for BOTH Operators and Users.

Layr.X ($LYR.X) tokens are smart utility tokens representing universally recognised units of account and valuable exchange within the Bartr World global Telecoms ecosystem.


Bartr Liquidity Pools

Layr.A and Layr.X tokens combined via Bartr Liquidity Pools provide institutional liqudity for GDEX participants.

For the first time this will allow financial participants to provide liquidity to the wholesale telecoms market via Bartr LP, generating income for token holders staking LPs and essential liquidity for telecom operators and wholesale market intermediaries.

A set of governance rules that dictate and incentivise behaviour of participants within the system, and the functionality of and interaction between Layr.A and Layr.X tokens.



  • Of finite supply

  • De minimis number of LayrA tokens required to access Bartr Protocol applications

  • Staking token – proof of resource

  • Simple supply and demand rules apply directly = increase in value of LayrA token


  • Inductive variable supply linked to user and network activity

  • Incentivises good behaviour within the Bartr closed-loop system

  • Transactional token – proof of routing

  • “Earn and burn” governance rules

  • Exchanged for Layr.A tokens only

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