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Rain Man Routing dApp

Built on top of the Bartr Protocol Ethereum-based Blockchain, and utilising the Ethereum Virtual Machine, the “Rain Man” dApp is being developed as a decentralised switching and routing module for global Telecommunications networks.

Open Source and user-customisable, Rain Man dApp is a market making engine that ingests price and quality data from sellers of network access and resources and provides customised and automated optimisation matching between all network resource owners.

Rain Man Heuristic Algorithms

A self-governing set of smart contracts to agree optimal pricing based on full market transparency.

Heuristics may reside off-chain as an independent oracle to the Blockchain smart contract.

The development incorporates heuristic algorithms that inform adaptive machine learning protocols. Over time a global routing table based on pricing and quality data regularly provided by participating nodes will be recorded and updated on the Blockchain, allowing API access to “routing-as-a-service” functionality.

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