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The Bart Group team collectively have been professionally active in the wholesale Telecoms and other financial markets for over 20 years and have been operating our current Telecommunications business for the past 5 years.

We’ve already developed the 'Beta' version of the Bartr Protocol and Rainman dApp as well as The Core (Event Sourcing Component) which provides the foundation for 40% of the functionality of all subsequent modular services built on top, including Enterprise SaaS, DeFi (GDEX), Rainman (Trading Engine).

H2 2023

Building and Testing

​Complete Pre-IDO funding.

Development of Bartr Protocol, initial dApps development. 

Development of private alpha 'Rain Man' routing engine. 

Negotiate and sign strategic partnership agreements with at least 10 incumbent regional Telecom companies for global testnet emulation using Bartr Protocol and  Layr Token adoption

Continue to increase interconnection agreements with Telecom networks and aggregators into existing switching and routing infrastructure.

H2 2024

 Live Beta

Completion of GDEX and Rain Man dApps.

Testnet deployment of dApps.

Emulation of participating testnet nodes in the
 Bartr Protocol environment.


Layr Wallet completion and testnet beta deployment.

On-going development of dynamic machine learning protocols informed by heuristic algorithms built on Rain Man

H1 2024

Building and Testing

Hashchain for high volume and throughput network traffic records.

Testnet beta deployment.

Commence Bartr Network Point of Presence (“PoP”) infrastructure deployment.

Emulation of real world company (network node) identities inside the Bartr Protocol ecosystem. 

Engagement with hardware manufacturers for beta testing implementation of firmware-level device encryption tagging for “proof-of-routing” functionality.

Q1 2025

Live Beta and Layr Smart Token Airdrop

Mainnet deployment of Bartr Protocol and Layr Tokens 

Bench testing production environment on testnet of dApps 

Mainnet deployment of dApps

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